FINTHRUSTERS - The ultimate underwater experience


Our Finthrusters (patent pending) will let you experience the underwater world in a whole new way, taking you further by each breath.
Whether you enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling or free diving, you’ll enjoy the feeling of freedom and power our Finthrusters will give you.
Your hands stays free, the force is coming from your feet and you’ll instantly feel like a fish in sea.
So take a breath, dive down and start exploring.

What are we currently doing?

Right now, we are evaluating the feedback that we received at Hallifornia. We are also looking to get some divers, free divers and a hopefully a few dive centers to evaluate our prototype. All that feedback will be the base for future changes in our design in order to make it suitable for all our potential users and customers.

So why do we do this?

We share a passion for our ocean and the preservation of it. Therefore we would like as many people as possible to experience and enjoy the beautiful world beneath the surface, and that our Finthrusters actually could make a difference in making people to do just that. We believe that the more people know about our nature and what is in our waters, the more people will work to preserve it.
We emphasize that everybody do it responsibly and with the uttermost respect for all the wildlife!

At this website you will be able to meet us and follow our journey towards our market launch. It will also be the base for our WAWKEN tribe, our fellow WAWKENERS.

So stay tuned, cause it is truly the ultimate underwater experience!

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Q1 2019

Launch of our website and our social media accounts.

Defining technical specifications of Finthrusters - series 01.


wawken_ (Instagram)

wawken (Facebook)

WAWKEN (Youtube)

Q2 2019

Build of “Finthrusters - series 01”.

Gradually release of updated website.

Q3 2019

Testing & validation.

Feedback collection.

Gathering of marketing material.

Q4 2019

Possibly a crowdfunding campaign.


Market launch.

wawken on instagram


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(Coming soon)

It’s like flying under water!
— Early prototype test person
It makes me wanna go snorkeling instead!
— Experienced scuba diver