Snorkeling spots in Mallorca

During Jonas paternity leave, Mallorca became the place for him and his family to spend 3 weeks during the end of February and beginning of March, escaping the winter in Sweden for a while.

Along with a lot of hours spent on playgrounds in Palma and in the south west parts of Mallorca, visiting good snorkeling spots for the upcoming summer's testing and validation, was one of his tasks. No mask, snorkel nor fins made its way into the water this time but the plan is, now that we've sent in our patent application, that Wawken's Finthrusters will become known to the public, partly to footage filmed at Mallorca during the early summer of 2019.

So Jonas made a bit of research for good snorkeling spots (and there seem to be a lot in Mallorca!) and decided to make family trips to go discover some of them. Said and done, a few of our favorites are listed below and we hope we'll revisit them in June, ready to jump into the water with our next generation prototypes with us.

Do you have suggestions for good spots to go visit, please let us know by either send us an email or send a message through instagram.