Thank you Hallifornia!

We had three amazing days at Hallifornia 2019 in Varberg on the west coast of Sweden, now close to two weeks ago. Apart from a lot of visitors and good interactions with a lot interested people, we got some coverage in the local paper Norra Halland and KungsbackaPosten, which we of course are very grateful for!

We seized the opportunity earlier this spring, which some of you already know, and applied to “Silicon Halli”. Silicon Halli is the Swedish part of an EU-project called “InnoQuarter”, which has the aim to help startups test their products on potential customers at an early stage in their process. Silcon Halli has then partnered up with the festival Hallifornia, which takes place every summer in Varberg.

After we received the news of us being chosen, we started to work on how to present our Finthrusters and to get as many people as possible to test them in the water. We decided to have two physical spots, one in connection to the other startups in the actual festival area and one testing spot on a pier nearby which all in all was a very good choice.

In the exhibition area we had our manikin with the gears mounted on him and a small pool where passing people could stick their feet in and feel the force of our Finthrusters!

Down by the pier we got 20+ people in the water testing our Finthrusters and to fill in an evaluation form afterwards.

We are struck by the positive response and feedback from all of you guys.

We have discovered a few things that we need to work with of course, but all in all, a very good experience for us and it gives us the feeling that we have something truly unique and exiting times ahead.

For all the people that didn’t have the opportunity to try, we will set up some trials during late summer / early fall in the west parts of Sweden. More information about that later on!